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First Radio Broadcast!

We were played on the radio for the first time WNMC Traverse City on July 31st, 2015 playing “Midnight Drawing” from our new EP Comfort From Destruction.Threw a small party in celebration and recorded the broadcast and our reactions! Check it out!


Our Lead Singer, Autumn Buysse, has left for college in Colorado and we are in search for a new Lead Singer.

Can be of any vocal range, but preferably a High Tenor. Must be able to attend weekly rehearsals and shows. Preferably at a high school age level but can be of any age. And location must be in the metro- Detroit area (We are set in Rochester Hills).

After you call or email us, we will set up an audition and give you a few songs to learn. For the audition process, we will look for stage presence, engaging with your audience, and knowledge of the songs.

If interested, please call:



or 517-420-4496

Or email us at:

OIM Appear “Comfort From Destruction” EP Release Party!

Ladies and Gentlemen we are happy to announce that we will be releasing our first ever EP “Comfort From Destruction” on July 17th, 2015, featuring 4 songs including ‘My Burning Candle’ and ‘Midnight Drawing’.

CD copies will be available at the EP Release Party show at Younger’s Irish Tavern (120 S Main St, Romeo, MI 48065) on July 17th and will be available on iTunes on that day as well.

Come out to show your support and our friends, The Doozers will also be playing at around 8 PM.

Endless thanks to all of our friends and family, our manager, and Tim Smith at Soundscape Recording Studio to make all of this possible. It’s gonna be a blast!

CFD Release Party



General Information

Three person Classic Rock band in Michigan, we do originals and covers from REO Speedwagon, Tom Petty, and more. (The ‘OIM’ stands for ‘Objects In Mirror’)

Current band members are Diego Agoytia on Bass/Keyboard (Co-Founder), Evan Miller on Lead Guitar (Founder of OIM Appear), and John Maconochie on Drums.

All Met at the School of Rock in Rochester and started to play gigs and to write music, each member has been interested in music for years.

The Story

“OIM Appear” (as in Objects In Mirror are closer than they Appear…)

After reuniting in early 2013, Evan Miller and Diego Agoytia founded the band, OIM Appear, with John Maconochie on drums. Starting off as a Classic Rock cover band, the band debuted at Classic Lanes that summer and played there a couple of times. In the August of that year, the band wrote a few original songs including “Midnight Drawing” and “My Burning Candle”. Later that year, the band played their first big show at The High Octane Lounge in Romeo, Michigan, with an audience of around 80 people. Afterward, the band wrote a new song called, “Man In The Scrap Book” and played at The Main Street Billiards in downtown Rochester in April. In the summer of 2014, after a show at Youngers Irish Tavern in Romeo, the band debuted at the Ferndale Dream Cruise playing an hour set of both originals and covers. Later, in September, Autumn Buysse joined the band as a lead singer. The band played a few small gigs afterward and ultimately focused on mainly originals and added two new songs including “I Won’t Pick You” and “Run Home Again”. After being focused on mainly writing for some months, the band had a comeback show on March 20th, 2015 at Youngers Irish Tavern in Romeo where they debuted the new originals and some new covers. Currently, the band is working on recording the originals for an upcoming EP that will come out sometime in the summer of 2015…

Member Bio’s

Evan Miller, Rochester Hills, MI
Lead Guitar, Songwriter, Vocals, Keys, Sax. Evan is 15 years old and has been professionally trained in guitar for five years. He has played with School of Rock Rochester at all different levels including the house band. He has been rocker since he was 3 years old. When he thought he was Sammy Haggar. Evan is real guitar prodigy. He can play all types of music, but loves all rock n roll. He loves going to concerts and rushing the stage where he asks for guitar picks to collect. Evan also multi tasks playing the baritone saxophone, keys, sings, and contributes with the pen songwriting. When he is not playing he is an avid outdoorsman.

Diego Agoytia, Rochester Hills, MI
Bass, Keyboards, Synth, Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Songwriter
Diego is 16 years old. He was born in Toluca, Mexico and is multi talented. He started to play drums at age 5, and started playing piano at age 8. Around age 11, he joined School Of Rock in Rochester where he picked up Bass, Guitar, and some Keyboard. Diego was inspired by a 1985 “Live Aid” DVD in 2004 and has been hooked on music since. He is an original member of the band. His music taste spans from Classic Rock, Hair Metal, Grunge, and even 80’s Pop. He has written many songs throughout the years and worked with many other bands including The Complainers, ALCIP/Beside The Point, and Lunch Bag Boys/Dizzy Violet. With his long black hair, tennis build, and charming personality he is the band’s Casanova, but it’s his talent that gives that band it’s versatility.

John Maconochie (Johnny Mac), Clarkston, MI
Drums, Vocals, Songwriter 
John is 17 years old and has been playing drums for 10 years with 5 years of professional training including the School of Rock in Rochester. John has played for the School of Rock’s elite house band for 3 years. John was asked to join in 2013 and the band couldn’t be happier with this easygoing powerhouse. He prides himself on being a tireless worker and an excellent songwriter, carving out some of the bands most popular originals. John can play any type of music on the drums but he enjoys hitting them crisp and loud. John has multiple band experience and can jam with anyone. When John was a toddler he was nicknamed “Bam Bam” because he was hitting or slamming something all the time.